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Archival Research And Clearances

Van Research Services is full service archival research and clearance company based in Vancouver, BC. We work with projects from development to post-production, from sourcing material to managing budgets and licensing execution.


Van Research Services was established in 2012 by Award-nominated Archival Producer Lanna Lucas.  Lanna specializes in archival research and clearances and has worked on projects that have premiered on The Knowledge Network, The History Channel, HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TIFF, SXSW, among many others.

We are a voting member of the the Academy of Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television and the Visual Researchers’ Society of Canada, which allow us to stay current in licensing and clearances, and strengthen our connections in the film and post production industry. 


Our Services

Lanna, along with her select team, have been commissioned to work on a wide array of projects and subject areas; from true crime, to socio-political history and music documentaries. We are a true information sponge that build long lasting connections and professional relationships along the way.

We are full service when it comes to licensing archival and music for documentaries.

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We build the archival tracking system from the ground up - whether there are assets to start with or we gather material from your treatment drafts and request lists. 


We maintain and ingest archival items with appropriate naming conventions into the master log. We identify vendors at production phase to spot red flags and work with editors for specific requests.


Depending on the assignment, we submit fair use logs to legal, manage budgets, negotiations and execute licenses. Our final deliverables include clearance logs, cost report, and final folder of releases and agreements.

Contact Us

Vancouver, BC


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